The grotto Bassa


Historically, grottos of Ticino (situated in the southern part of Switzerland, where Italian is spoken) were maintained by families to conserve alimentary goods produced within their own region. Situated in a fresh area, away from traffic, the grottos were generally used as a storage place for home grown products, such as cheese, salami and other cured meats from the area. Grottos also served as a meeting place for passers-by who needed to stop for a friendly meal and local wine. Unfortunately over time, the grottos were transformed into restaurants, losing their original ambiance of typical Ticinese life.


Founded in 1910 by Andrea Franzi, this grotto (Il Grotto Bassa) is located in the Bassa zone, within the town of Lumino. Over the years, it has been passed down through generations, from father to son. Currently, Grotto Bassa is managed by Carlo Franzi (the grand-grandson of the founder). 

Under the shade of century-old trees, customers are guaranteed unforgettable moments with fresh air and tranquility.

Grotto Bassa